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2012 Savagnin                                                  $30.00

Formally known as Albarino this esteemed Spanish variety has delicate citrus and lime characters on the nose.

Although a dry style the palate delivers a delicious harmony of intense citrus sweetness with a crisp, fresh well balanced acidity.

2012 Verdelho                                                  $30.00

This years Verdelho displays varietal characters that are a true expression of our maritime region with aromas of papaya, fruit salad and honeysuckle and a palate of peach, apricot and banana. This is typical of our style with crisp and refreshing acidity balancing natural and delicate tropical fruit sweetness.

2011 Rose                                                        $26.00

This tenth vintage Mimosa Rose emphasises the characteristics that have made it a consistently popular summer wine for over a decade. A refreshing wine, it features soft fruit, citrus and musk aromas on the nose with raspberry and savoury fruit evident on the palate.

2006 Premium Blend                                        $26.00

The iconic Mimosa varieties Chambourcin (75%), Tempranillo and Cabernet Franc are in this wine blended and aged to produce a fruity red, displaying blackberry and musk characters on the nose with subtle chocolate flavours adding richness and depth to the plumb and red fruits of Chambourcin.

2009 Tempranillo                                            $36.00

This vintage Tempranillo displays herbal, spice and primary fruit characters on the nose. Barrel maturation has imparted notes of toasty oak, butterscotch and caramel. The palate is rich with plumb, dark cherries and char complemented by soft velvety tannins.

2008 Vintage Port                                           $26.00

Our vintage port delivers a rich and generous balance of complex aromas, flavours and mouth feel. Distinctive varietal Chambourcin characters of cherry and plum are complemented by a contribution of caramel and butterscotch provided by the fortification process.


Our wine is not stocked outside of the winery, so come in and enjoy a lunch and decide which variety you’d like to take home with you! 

Mimosa Wines

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I had the good fortune to enjoy a wonderful dinner at your wonderful Dry Stone Restaurant last December and purchased several bottles of wine while there. They are, in my opinion, the best wines I have ever had the pleasure of drinking.
My meal consisted of the kangaroo loin and grilled fennel. They were both a new dining experience and were exceptionally delicious. When they were coupled with the 2008 Premium Blend of red wine and the magnificent view; the meal became nothing short of legendary. I highly recommend a dining experience of your own at Mimosa and the Dry Stone Restaurant.
- Peoria, Illinois

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